How can my clients best prepare their homes?

Easy to answer – if you don’t want it in the picture (or video), get it out of sight. Stow unwanted items in attic or basement storage, garage, a “junk” room, etc. Find a safe place where they won’t be seen during the photo/video session, so we won’t have to chase them from room to room. Have everything to be photographed ready in advance. That’s the golden rule.

In general, I leave it up to you and your client to decide what’s good to shoot and what needs work.

But a couple of specifics – for video, if it can move, turn it on! This goes for ceiling fans, motorized chandeliers, deck awnings, dumbwaiters, water features etc. It’s great to demonstrate those handy gadgets, and adds a touch on interest to the scene.

And for photos – if it’s moving, turn it off! (Except for water features.) Blurred fans don’t look that great in a still shot.

And if you’ve got a big screen TV, it’s a great idea to find  some neutral programming or cast some neutral video to the screen. A lot of smart TVs have apps built in that  feature scenery or artwork, a Chromecast stick will automatically broadcast beautiful photos from Google, and Roku & Apple TVs both have ready access to a variety of great looking imagery. As TVs get bigger and bigger, it’s a great idea to turn that big black rectangle into something livelier.

Do I need professional staging?

That’s entirely up to you. As a realtor, you already know what looks good, what sells a home, and what’s appropriate for presentation given the listing.

Do you provide staging?

No. Your job is to get it to look the way you want – whether that’s done by yourself or with the help of a professional. Whatever you give me, I will shoot. But generally, I don’t find that homes need anything more than the loving attention they already get from their owners.

How long does photography/video take?

It’s best to let your clients know that photography and video together can take as long as three hours. Photos alone, maybe an hour to 90 minutes. And video alone, maybe two hours, less for smaller homes.

What does “Zillow Certified Photographer” mean?

As a Zillow Certified Photographer, I’ve passed Zillow’s quality inspection and have access to your listing’s Zillow page where I can upload your video directly to Zillow’s system. This’ll place your video tour front and center on the listing, attracting the biggest audience you can.


Can owners/kids/pets be present?

Absolutely. But keep in mind that the more family members and animals we’ve got wandering around the house, the slower it could take. So, generally, the fewer involved the better.

How long will it take to get my products?

Photos can be delivered as soon as the following day, but video can take as long as three or four days to complete, so it’s best to get a jump on the shoot as soon as we can before you list.

How will I receive my products?

For photos, I will provide you with a preview gallery hosted at Google Photos. Check out an example here –  

I’d recommend getting the Google Photos app for your phone. It’s an easy way to view & share the gallery. 

You can download the entire gallery from Google Photos in a zipped file – the individual photos will be the right size to upload immediately to your MLS listing. After you click the link I give you and open the Google Photos gallery, point your cursor at the “more” icon on the upper right hand side, click it, and then click the “download all” link. All the photos will be downloaded in a zipped file to your computer.

Check out some quick download and share tips here –
Or, check out this video tutorial on downloading and unzipping the photo album. 

Will vu-real upload my photos/video for me?

Sure. Just give me you MLS login credentials, and I’ll be happy to upload the photos to your MLS and insert the virtual tour link.