How can my clients best prepare their homes?

Easy to answer - if you don't want it in the picture (or video), get it out of sight. And that means putting it somewhere that won't be photographed - attic or basement storage, garage, a "junk" room, etc. Don't count on simply moving a pile of stuff from room to room as I photograph. It'll really make things go slower, and get pretty tedious after a very short time.

And this goes for outside, too. No cars in the driveway, wrap hoses, put toys away, etc. Don't try to "hide" stuff because you never know what angle I'll be shooting from.

Have everything to be photographed ready in advance. That's the golden rule.

Do I need professional staging?

That's entirely up to you. As a realtor, you already know what looks good, what sells a home, and what's appropriate for presentation given the listing.

Do you provide staging?

No. Your job is to get it to look the way you want - and whatever you give me, I will shoot.

How long does photography/video take?

It's best to let your clients know that photography and video together can take as long as three hours. Photos alone, maybe an hour to 90 minutes. And video alone, maybe two hours, less for smaller homes.

Can owners/kids/pets be present?

Absolutely. But keep in mind that the more family members and animals we've got wandering around the house, the slower it could take. So, generally, the fewer involved the better.

How long will it take to get my products?

Photos can be delivered as soon as the following day, but video can take as long as three or four days to complete, so it's best to get a jump on the shoot as soon as we can before you list.

How will I receive my products?

For photos, I will provide you with a preview gallery hosted at Google Photos with all my photos represented. You can download from Google Photos, but I will also send you the whole photo gallery via HighTail which will send a download link directly to your email inbox.

Will upload my photos/video for me?

Sure. Just give me you MLS login credentials, and I'll be happy to upload the photos to your MLS and insert the virtual tour link.