We provide high quality photography, video, and panoramic tours for Realtors in the greater Lehigh Valley, PA  area for use in MLS/IDX, in print, and on social media.

Our products are not only beautiful, but easy to download and distribute among colleagues & clients. We use Google Photos to distribute still photos, and Vimeo to distribute and stream our video productions.

Whether it’s a $120,000 starter home or a $1.2 million estate, we can provide the photos for MLS, web & print that will pull buyers in.

Our photos are carefully framed and thoughtfully composed, using natural light to avoid the artificiality of flash and filler lights. We use both conventional exposures and natural-looking HDR photography.

We use true video tours assembled from multiple HD video takes, not a collection of pan-and-zoom stills. Nothing but a real video tour can give a true sense of the space a home offers.
We produce both a branded video for use everywhere except your MLS, and an unbranded version, suitable for your MLS.
The videos are directly uploaded to Zillow, hosted by both Vimeo and YouTube, and viewed on the MLS through our video tour website, vu-real.com/tours.

Panoramic tours provide a completely interactive way for the potential buyer to see the interior of the home from every angle, floor to ceiling, as they move from room to room.  Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been working hard to create beautiful and engaging tours that can include drone panoramas, location-recorded sound, and embedded video. Our tours are more flexible and customizable than Matterport’s, and are levels above Zillow’s 3-D tours.

Double-click the tour below for an example.


FAA licensed, our drone work can complement every aspect of what we offer, from MLS photos to video tours to panoramic tours. Drone photography can be an important element for each of these. We include a handful of drone shots with every listing (if applicable) at no extra cost. 

Dan McKinney

Dan McKinney

All work is done by Dan McKinney, who’s been taking photos and
shooting video for listings for ten years in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.
Once a realtor, Dan realized his strong suit was on the media side of the equation,
but his familiarity with the world of real estate sales informs the work he does
 in presenting properties in their best possibl
e light.