Here’s a representative sampling of photos for properties big and small, with views from detailed closeups to broad vistas. Mansions, horse farms, townhomes, some old, some new, some grand, and some simple. 

I use standard exposures and HDR photography, but I shy away from the unnatural exaggerations that some photographers are tempted to get into with the HDR approach. I like the photos to remain natural – colorful & interesting, but natural. HDR is a great tool to help bring all areas of a photo into a useable range, so sun-filled windows aren’t simply brilliant white sheets, and the details often hidden in shadow can be coaxed to the forefront. Properly used, a good HDR process allows the camera to see a scene the way we see it in real life.

I’ve got a pretty wide angle lens to capture an entire room in a shot, but take pains to orient the camera and process the photo so that there’s no odd perspective effects or fisheye distortion. 

The basic idea is not to draw attention to the picture itself, but what’s in the photo. The photo acts as a transparent container that brings the property directly to the viewer.